Use WASD keys to move.Use the Shift key or double-tap W to run.Use C, Z, \, or Caps Lock key to crouch.Use the T key or Enter to chat.Use B key to open shop.Use/key to start



Use WASD keys to move.
Use the Shift key or double-tap W to run.
Use C, Z, \, or Caps Lock key to crouch.
Use the T key or Enter to chat.
Use B key to open shop.
Use/key to start command.

Controls Guide is an interesting io game based on the famous Minecraft platform with many different game modes. The game is inspired by the popular parkour, in which you swing, run, and leap your way through enormous themed environments without collapsing. In racing mode, you must race to the finish line, obtain a high score, and earn gold. You will have to run non-stop and jump from block to block to try to reach the end of the path safely and without falling into the gap. Take a journey made up of dozens of floating platforms where you'll battle a slew of foes. They will attempt to hit the target before you take first position. The yellow blocks act as control points, so when you reach them you'll have the ability to save your progress and start from there when you fall into the void. Earn gold, spend your hard earned gold in the shop with, buy power-ups so you can get even higher scores. The platforms are relatively far apart, and other players can sabotage your attempts by interfering with your attention. Themes can vary between levels. You'll have to start over every time you call down to the ground. Each level has a time limit after the game is over, so you need to be quick!